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Generative AI Study Group

RT Corporation has been organising a series of events on generative AI for a year. Artefacts has been invited at the 5th edition to feature our collaboration with RT Corporation on software support for robotics applications, and capabilities of the upcoming gen-AI powered RoboStage tool.

The event gathered some of the most active names on the Japanese robotics scene, including Kawada Robotics, Bridgestone Softrobotics Ventures, Nvidia and several more, around 32 venue attendees and north of 100 online. Records of the presentation will be available soon (we will update this post).

The Artefacts presentation by our CEO Tom Sonoda introduced the upcoming RoboStage tool for robotics application development and sales support. 150 robotics companies have shared with us how difficult and costly it is to showcase their robots to prospective customers. RoboStage empowers sales teams by generating 3D simulations from a robot model and describing in plain language any customer target environment.

The presentation at the event features RoboStage generating a food factory environment for the Sciurus17 dual-arm manipulation robot, designed by RT Corporation.

Simulation generated by prompts like "Sciurus17 puts meatballs from food trays to lunch boxes moved by a conveyor belt" (not the exact prompt shown here)

RoboStage can generate the kitchen itself, conveyor belts, trays, food items like broccoli or fried chicken, human actors and any other object necessary for creating a meaningful simulation. Many of these objects are part of our dynamic collection maintained in Artefacts' RoboProp. New objects are currently manually curated, and semi-automated using gen-AI tools for image to 3D or text to 3D (e.g Point-E, Shap-E, One-2-3-45 and others). Object full automatic generation will eventually be part of RoboStage.

Brocolli generated with One-2-3-45

Simulations created by RoboStage are also valid for software testing and simulation (e.g. in Gazebo or Isaac), including integration with Artefacts CI. RoboStage empowers application development engineers to easily and quickly create tests specific to customers, extreme environments like space or deep waters, and even regressions.

The feedback from the audience has been very positive. We have been humbled and delighted at the many enquiries on the future of RoboStage, upcoming features, and validation that RoboStage can really support Robotics companies in meaningful ways.

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Our next public appearance will be at IEEE ICRA, together with RT Corporation.

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