Robotics / AI Engineer

Artefacts is building a CI platform for robot developers to take on the challenge of creating an advanced robotized world that will enable a more efficient and environmentally friendly society. We also believe that emerging AI techniques will dramatically change the way robotics software is built.

The role

The role focuses on creating robotic applications letting robots perform advanced tasks in complex environments. This means navigation, manipulation environment understanding and autonomy.

We have hardware development platforms (mobile robots, robotic arms, sensors) for which you will develop application code, but you will be free to customize the hardware as needed. You will use our artefacts platform to support and accelerate your development.

We think that robots will benefit from new software paradigms: software 2.0, distributed intelligence, and your work will involve AI.

Your work will contribute to shaping our platform.

If you are interested in the role

Please consider contacting us to apply! We expect a few things from you: Enthusiasm and interest toward robotics an AI. You will have room for growth, and many challenges. We are enthusiastic and interested in our own specialities! Ready to join a startup. It can be messy, and requires personal commitment. We expect you to work with us, not for us.

We would like to see what you have done already.

  • Publicly visible work.
  • A ServerFault or StackOverflow account?
  • A GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket account?
  • A personal blog or Medium contributions?
  • Presentations at meetups?
  • Work of pride?

In terms of technologies and skills, we are interested in experience with:

  • Deep Learning Libraries: TensorFlow, Pytorch, JAX
  • Robotics framework: ROS, ROS2, yarp
  • Computer vision: OpenCV...
  • Embedded programming
  • MLOps frameworks.
  • A programming language, e.g. Python, Rust, Go, C, Julia
  • Distributed version control, basically Git.
  • Container technology, e.g. Docker.
  • Experience adapting research to real use cases
  • Simulation technology: Gazebo, Modelica
  • hardware: electronics, CAD, 3d printing

We have no experience level requirement, as we wish to grow together with you and, well, there is no need for everything right away. So please consider applying even if you only see partial coverage of the above!

The ideal candidate

If you score yourself high on all the items, we definitely hope for a chance to talk with you. We will consider some extras:

  • Experience with “real world” data and concrete ML solutions.
  • Multidisciplinary background or interests, notably related to Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • A real passion for AI, beyond ML.
  • Graduate degree in related disciplines.
  • Degree is not necessary to apply, but...
  • Degree is sometimes necessary to apply for visas.
  • The role would benefit from advanced analytical skills.

Application stages: Getting to know each other

We hope applying to work with us is a great experience. We value your time and your interest! We think the best way to decide working together is first to know more of each other, starting with us sharing our online profiles.

We propose meeting a number of times, primarily online, and freely talk about you, about us, and about what we could achieve together. As much as we would like to meet every applicant, we expect first reading about your motivation for applying, and seeing your past achievements. This should give us a chance to reply early whether we should meet for the occasion. We promise to reply to each serious application.

In short, here is a typical application flow:

  • You apply, sending us a resume and a cover letter. Again, we value very much seeing your public contributions.
  • We invite you for a first online meeting, or explain why we may not meet this time.
  • We may organize other meetings, for you and us to know better, sometimes on site.
  • We expect to make decisions relatively rapidly.
  • We may ask for references.

Partner Conditions

How we work together is in flux, as the team and company grow. We aim at adapting working conditions as we all see fit. Currently:

  • We encourage asking “why”.
  • Inclusive.
  • Personal growth-oriented environment.
  • Honest salaries.
  • No bonus culture.
  • Modern offices within 5 min walking distance from Shinjuku station (modern means the building is 1 year old).
  • Some prefer remote work, some office work, some change every day.
  • We gather at the office when needed.
  • We breathe open source, when it makes sense.
  • Medical checkup support in Tokyo.
  • We love challenges and opportunities that make us evolve.
  • Full or part time as your prefer. We usually start with a three-month contract to start working together.
  • Remote-first team. Preference for candidates on the JST timezone or so, and candidates in Japan (hardware!)

We hope these items paint a constructive image of our work style. All these items depend on the team, and your presence will influence them, as a partner.